Christian is the best!

Although we had limited time for lessons leading up to our wedding, Christian worked hard with us to create beautiful choreography for our first dance. His work ethic, sense of humor, and expertise really showed, and we had a wonderful first dance as a result. I only hope that we have the time to go back for lessons (just for fun this time!) again soon!



Special choreography and delightful instructors!

At the last-minute, my future hubs and I decided to finally commit to dance lessons, and we are so glad that we chose to go to Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Manasquan. ALL of the instructors are pleasant and upbeat and encouraging, and especially Dana and Christian, who helped teach us basic ballroom steps and choreograph a flirty and fun first dance in only FIVE lessons. They accommodated our crazy schedules and laughed along with us as emotions were running high only days before our wedding, and we can’t thank them enough. It was such a joy for us to find time for each other (through dance lessons) leading up to the wedding day, and I would highly recommend this studio to anyone who is looking to get more comfortable for their first dance, or anyone who is looking to learn basic ballroom. I hope we’ll be going back periodically in the future! Now, my husband and I catch ourselves dipping and twirling and box-stepping when the radio’s on in the kitchen!



Great experience!

We attended 11 lessons with our instructor Dana, and had a great time. We learned a swing and rumba for our first dance, and Dana also showed us other styles of dance as well. Dana was fantastic, has a great smile and sense of humor. The other staff was also very friendly and inviting. They also had group classes and social events which were very fun, and helpful in the learning process. We hope to return for more lessons in the future!



Seven months ago I was invited to a wedding and thought it would be a good time to take my complimentary lesson…and I have been a student ever since. What a boost to my confidence, balance and mental agility. Did you know that ballroom dancing is one of the best things for your brain as you age? Not to mention the physical exercise, too. The entire staff is caring, supportive and encouraging, and my instructor, Cristian’s teaching skills are wonderful. from drilling in the basics (in a gentle way) to finally being able to follow a man’s lead.Plus, I find myself listening to music in a new way. The sound system at the studio is incredible. Whether you are single or have a partner, and you want to learn ballroom or improve your dancing, treat yourself to all that Fred Astaire Manasquan has to offer.
Accidentally walking through the doors of Fred Astaire’s was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I have met so many wonderful people, and the staff is fantastic. They make you feel so welcome, and create a friendly environment. They make learning to dance fun and easy. Most important of all, I am no longer the person watching others dance. Now I get to join in the fun.
I love Fred Astaire!!! They treat you like family and truly care about your learning experience. I highly recommend this studio and they have always made me feel special whenever I walk through the door. I’m still taking lessons there and Denise, Christian, Dana, & Gina are the best!
I started dancing at Fred Astaire Manasquan just two months ago and I am addicted! I am a single mom and dancing has given me my confidence back. Walking in that first day was intimidating, but I was warmly welcomed and felt at home instantly. Cristian is an amazing instructor. All the instructors and students are amazing here. They are like my second family. I am at the studio five nights a week for group classes and I take private lessons once a week. I absolutely love it. I learn all types of dances from Fox Trot to Salsa and Bachata. If you are looking for an exceptional dance studio where you have the most amazing dance instructors, you feel like you’re family and you have lots of fun, then this is the studio for you! You don’t need a partner, so no excuses! Come dance!
These guys are amazing dance instructors! From private lessons, to group classes, to dance parties, every moment is nothing but fun. They create a friendly atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome and like family. My husband and I started taking lessons in May, 2012 (it was a gift from him to me). I was shocked and thrilled that my husband loved it so much that we continued past the beginner lessons and are still taking classes and lessons. It is so much fun!
Fred Astaire Manasquan Studio is friendly and the instructors are pros, all of whom love what they do! I learned more about dance and technique in 18 months at this studio than I would’ve learned anywhere else in 5 years. Don’t waste your time and money elsewhere–this is THE SPOT THAT’S HOT!
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The staff at Fred Astaire Manasquan are all excellent teachers whose professional expertise is excellent. Whether you’re looking to learn a few dance steps to be able to go out and social dance or if you want to pursue more rigorous dance training, you will find the full spectrum at this studio. As a professional dancer, I highly recommend Fred Astaire of Manasquan.
We enjoy taking ballroom lessons from the friendly staff at Fred Astaire!
A year and a half ago my husband and I started taking dance lessons at fred Astaire. We did a performance at our wedding and would not have been able to do it if it wasn’t for the amazing instructors at the studio. Their personalities and over the top and we r so lucky to have formed a friendship with these people. I am so thankful that we did the dancing there and am glad we will continue to go there! I highly recommend checking out this studio and the amazing staff that works there!
Wedding: 07/26/2013 Melissa M.
We initially found Fred Astaire Manasquan at the food tasting at our venue, Clarks Landing. They held a mini lesson at the tasting and even my fiancee thought it was fun! We decided to take some lessons for our first dance.We started lessons with Dana about eight weeks before the wedding. My fiancee is a good dancer, while I am pretty uncoordinated. At the first lesson she taught us some basic steps, explaining the steps in a way I could understand ( ” pretend youre reaching for some vodka, then spin around!) Then we started to choreograph the first dance. Each week she added a new step so by the end of the eight weeks we were comfortable with our dance. Dana saw a picture of my wedding dress during the first day and she made sure the moves she chose showed my dress off ( it was very ruffley .)We kept the dance lessons a secret from our guests so when our wedding day came, everyone was speechless! Given my previous level of coordination I’m sure they expected me to just stand there and kind of sway stiffly in place, but there I was spinning and dipping and being lifted off the ground like I was in dirty dancing! I would highly recommend this studio, especially Dana!
Wedding: 06/08/2013
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 11/1/2011 My husband and I started taking lessons in April 2011 to prep for our wedding in July 2011.  Denise helped us throughout the whole thing in making sure it was perfect for our big day.  We enjoyed it so much we are still taking lessons and even learning a routine for the upcoming holiday ball!  The staff is so great and helpful.  So far we have only used Denise and Christian, but looking forward to using everyone!  Its a great date night for my husband and I.
– Kelly P.
11/1/2011 I was always convinced that I was unable to learn how to dance. One day my wife had won a gift certificate for dance lesson and I thought it was a terrible idea. she had to practically drag me to the studio. During the lesson Kate guided my wife and i through the dances. I never thought it would be so easy to dance with my wife and remember how much I love her because now we have something to do together. As of now I cannot get enough of it. It is like i am dragging my wife there now.
-Brian P.

Wedding Dance

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Came in to get ready for my wedding. The staff was very friendly always made us feel comfortable by offering us a cup of coffee or glass of wine. We had a lot of fun learning to dance and felt well prepared. We have already recommended this studio to our other friends who are engaged.


I would like to recommend this studio…

By: fidrikova

I would like to recommend this studio for all of you who wish to enjoy their dance experience. I am looking forward to every lesson I have. Ballroom dancing has been changed my life. I was afraid to start, always finding a reason to postpone a first lesson. I am glad I did call and now I am enjoying myself.


I would recommend this dance studio to…

By: alos26

I would recommend this dance studio to everybody. All staff is friendly and helpful.

I enjoyed my lessons and had a lot of fun. I lost some weight and feel great.