Our Story:

The story of our studio all begins with a student’s passion for dance. Sergio DeGioia, a businessman and hotel owner, has always enjoyed dancing to the music throughout the decades. When he was down on his luck, he decided he wanted to pursue his interest in dancing. Sergio didn’t begin taking lessons until he was in his mid 70s! Having two knee replacements and being a cancer survivor, Sergio’s passion for life and dance has helped him fight through his hardships. He competed with his teachers and enjoyed dancing socially with other students. Sergio enjoyed ballroom dancing so much that he chose to have a studio of his own! He opened up the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Manasquan shortly thereafter.

Now, five years later, his three staff members Cristian Pozo, Denise Buchner, and Dana Masi have taken ownership of the studio that Sergio had started. Their grand reopening was September 2014.  Sergio is 80 years old and STILL dancing with us!

One of the most important pieces of advice he has been given my multiple doctors is to KEEP ON DANCING! His health has largely improved simply through waltzing and twirling his partners on the floor only a couple times a week! Sergio also feels it keeps his mind active and enhances his memory skills. These mental and physical benefits of dancing are what keeps Sergio his feisty self.

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