Gift Certificate Options

Give the Gift of Dance to that special someone for that special day!


            Customizable Gift Certificates are Available!

*Aside from Package 5, online gift certificates are for new students only. To purchase a gift certificate for a currently enrolled student, please call the studio at 732-528-0151.

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are not per person. If it is a couple that you’d like to purchase the gift certificate for, the price does not double or change!

Package 1: The Gene Kelly – $95

  • 1 Private Lesson (40 mins)
  • 1 Group Class
  • 1 Social Party

Package 2: The Adele Astaire – $125

    • 1 Intro Lesson (30 mins)
    • Monthly Activity Pass for 1 Month

Package 3: The Cyd Charisse – $225

    • 2 Private Lessons (40 mins)
    • 1 Group Class
    • 1 Social Party

Package 4: The Ginger Rogers – $425

    • 5 Private Lessons (40 mins)

Package 5: Dollar Value of $150 for New or Current Students to Use

Call us at 732.528.0151 & we can take care of your certificate over the phone!

Gift Certificates expire within one year of purchase. If a refund is requested within 5 business days, we will refund the full amount. After the 5 business days, the studio will deduct a reasonable and fair service fee of no more than 10%.