The Fred Astaire Trophy System

The Fred Astaire Trophy System is a unique method of dance and teaching instruction, and an exciting way to gauge progress. Depending upon the program chosen and whether or not the student progresses from one level to the next, that student could earn a coveted Fred Astaire Dance Studio Trophy during the studio’s Trophy Ball.
These are the levels of The Fred Astaire Trophy System:

Basic Lessons
All beginner students start their lessons with a series of basic lessons. A limited number of step patterns are taught so a student can go out and begin to dance. These lessons also help determine a student’s rate of learning and retention, interests and future potential.

Social Foundation Program
The Social Foundation Program is your first planned and personalized dance program customized to fit your lifestyle and dancing desires. His program will add to your mastery of the basic elements of your social dances, allowing you to dance in any situation. You will gain an understanding of footwork, an introduction to the various dance tempos, whether fast or slow, and the fundamentals of a good lead as a man or following factors as a lady. This program also provides an excellent stepping stone to our next level of instruction – the Bronze Trophy System.

Bronze Trophy Program – Social & Advanced
The Bronze Trophy is designed for the person who wishes to become a good social dancer. It is our most popular standard, and is the first Trophy Program available to new students. Bronze dancers are considered fun to dance with in all popular Social dances. They have complete confidence to dance a multitude of figures as well as having more styling, balance and control that creates an impressive appearance on the dance floor.

Silver Trophy Program
The Silver Program is for those who wish to become exciting social dancers. Silver dancers have the ability to impress others through their dance, are skilled in the art of expression, and can be distinguished by their versatility and style in all dances taught during their lessons…

Gold Trophy Program
The Gold Program is for the person who wishes to become an excellent ballroom dancer. Gold dancers have the ability to convey emotion through dance, not only to their partners but to others who are watching them. The dancer will have a complete and thorough knowledge of all major ballroom dances.

Supreme Gold Trophy Program
The Supreme Gold Trophy Program is a further extension of the Gold Trophy Program, and is designed for the person who wishes to become an outstanding ballroom dancer. As its name implies, the Supreme Gold standard is the ultimate in dance movement.