How do I get started?

We are just a phone call away! Please call (732) 528-0151 to schedule your first lesson, and we will take it from there!

Do I need a partner?

No! At our Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Manasquan, singles and couples are welcome. Single students will be given an appointment with a professional instructor as their partner, while couples will be guided by an instructor or possibly separate instructors as per the student’s choice.

What is a private lesson?

A private lesson with an instructor provides each student with the specialized and personal attention necessary to develop the ability to lead or follow in dancing. These lessons provide the most benefit, since all material is catered to the individual’s learning abilities and desires. Private lessons are given in a social environment with more than one couple on the floor, giving students the learning experience they need when attending any dance function outside of the school.

What is a group class?

A group class consists of several students learning from one instructor. Both the man’s and lady’s role are covered, as well as various patterns and techniques. Instructors will rotate partners, so everyone learns to dance with different people. This helps develop a more confident student with a better understanding of social dancing outside of Fred Astaire functions.

What is a practice party?

Our practice parties prepare our students for dancing socially. We create the proper ambiance by dimming the lights, dancing with different partners to different compositions of music, and serving refreshments and snacks for everyone to mingle with the different students and instructors! Not only do you have the chance to mingle, meet, and dance with other students, but you can apply what you’ve been learning on your private and group lessons to a social setting. Our parties are for our students only at all levels. We encourage Advanced students to dance with Newcomer Students, and vice versa, so everyone is able to lead or follow anyone at any function outside of the Fred Astaire School.

Where will I use my dancing outside of the studio?

EVERYWHERE – both on and off the dance floor! Fred Astaire Dance Studios will guide you in any dance situation and teach you proper etiquette for any event. Besides using your dancing at night clubs, weddings, fundraisers, high school, college reunions and cruises, dancing can provide you with the confidence, poise, social contacts and a sense of accomplishment that will affect all areas of your life. Until you take the first step, it is hard to imagine how many times you will “step out” into a dance situation.

How should I dress for my lessons?

Wear something comfortable that will not inhibit movement. While some of our advanced students like to dress up, wearing ballroom practice wear, other students attend their lessons in anything from slacks to skirts or dresses. For your first few lessons, any leather-soled dress shoe you might wear to a dance function is suitable. As you progress in your dancing, we recommend purchasing the proper ballroom dance shoes to maximize your dancing skills.

How long before I am comfortable in a dance situation?

That depends on you, the student! Everyone is different. It is virtually impossible to learn to play the piano or guitar in just a few easy lessons, as it is with dancing. The more you practice your dancing, the more you will progress. As the great Vince Lombardi advised, “Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Can I focus on just one or two dances at a time?

Our Fred Astaire Dance Schools’ interrelated speed-teaching method allows you to learn patterns that can be danced in many different dances. Repetition is the key word in learning how to dance. After one easy lesson, you will learn several dances by dancing the same patterns in all dances. Remember that variety is the spice of life. By learning a variety of dances, you will actually be able to dance several dances at a dance function, rather than sitting out on a dance because you have not learned it yet.